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Book Review – Rod: The Autobiography by Rod Stewart

Rod The AutobiographyI just finished Rod Stewart’s autobiography, and it was a fascinating look into the life of one of my favorite singers. The book covers all eras of his storied career, and it features multiple sub-chapters that are referred to as “digressions.” I learned about Rod’s love for model railroads, bluesy rock and fine art. I was also delighted to read about the creation of his most famous albums, numerous romantic relationships and legendary musical collaborations. My only complaint is that it didn’t delve deeply into Rod’s albums from the 1980s; instead, it simply touched on them and talked about how he wasn’t giving it his all until Out of Order. That said, I highly recommend Rod Stewart fans and those who enjoy classic rock give Rod: The Autobiography a read. Its written in a refreshingly humble tone, peppered with humor and filled with stories that’ll keep your interest from cover to cover.

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