ThrillerFest – FanFest

Andrew Gross - ThrillerFest VIII

Hanging out with Andrew Gross at FanFest.

Yesterday was the third day of ThrillerFest, and last night was FanFest – a time for fans to spend time with the authors they love, get books autographed and have drinks. After FanFest, I had the honor of having dinner with one of my favorite authors, Andrew Gross. Below are photos from both events.

Meeting R.L. Stine.

With M.J. Rose.

Spending time with Lincoln Child.

Hanging out with Steve Berry.

Meeting Joe Finder.

Spending time with Jon Land.

Having dinner with Andrew Gross.

Dinner with Andrew Gross and fans.

2 thoughts on “ThrillerFest – FanFest

    • Thanks, Amy! I’m glad you’re enjoying the posts. I have one more to do.

      It was a fantastic experience, and they invited me back for next year’s ThrillerFest. As you’ll see in my next post, I picked up 35 books (most of them free) while I was at the show. So, I have plenty to read in between now and then 🙂

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