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AEW Unrestricted Podcast: Justin Roberts

In the latest episode of the AEW Unrestricted podcast, AEW Ring Announcer and MC Justin Roberts shares the magic behind Kenny Omega’s North Carolina ring intro! He also details The Varsity Blonds’ pop that left him deaf, the intro that AEW fans do along with him, and the appearance at ALL OUT in Chicago that led him to AEW. Justin talks about his ring announcing heroes, his most memorable introductions, the time he introduced Scooby Doo and Jesus in a match against QT Marshall and Brandon Cutler, and how he learned to so masterfully roll his Rs when he intros Rey Fenix! Plus, hear funny road stories, tips for keeping your voice healthy, and the joys of creative freedom!


Justin Roberts on creative freedom at AEW:

“If there’s a scale of creative freedom and there’s like 1 and a 10, I guess I’m at 100.”

Justin Roberts on his Kenny Omega “North Carolina” ring introduction:

“I didn’t want to go back and watch Ray Clay do that because I didn’t want to do it how he actually did it. I just wanted to have the idea of how I remembered him all these years later doing it.”

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