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AEW Unrestricted Podcast: Jake Hager

The Inner Circle’s Jake Hager is the latest guest on the AEW Unrestricted podcast, and he can catch people better than anybody—just ask him! He’ll also tell you exactly what he thinks about Baron Von Raschke coming to the aid of Jake’s wife, Catalina, at AEW FULL GEAR. Jake’s got stories about signing with AEW, joining the Inner Circle, wrestling for the AEW World Championship title on his birthday, the bar fight against Hangman Adam Page in the Stadium Stampede, and repelling off the Jaguars’ scoreboard in Stadium Stampede 2! Plus, he talks about meeting Jim Ross in Oklahoma, growing up with Danny Hodge, and preparing for the zombie apocalypse. Check out the full episode and interview below.


On Baron Von Raschke defending Jake’s wife, Catalina’s honor at AEW FULL GEAR:

“Just so we’re clear, too, I am full enough of a man to defend my wife’s honor. I can do that, but thank you, Baron.”

On his No-Holds-Barred match with Jon Moxley: 

“I have such a history with Jon—years and years of riding on the road together—and now we have this unique opportunity to punch each other in the face in front of TV cameras.”

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