Diving Back Into The Depths — A Review of Meg 2: The Trench


It’s not every day that one encounters megalodons—massive prehistoric sharks believed to have long been extinct. Yet, in 2018, film enthusiasts were treated to such a spectacle in The Meg. Fast forward five years, and the film’s charismatic star, Jason Statham, is braving the deep once more in Meg 2: The Trench.

The First Dive: A Brief Recap

In the initial outing, Statham met these gigantic creatures lurking beneath a deep-sea thermocline in a previously hidden ecosystem. While The Meg aimed to be a light-hearted summer blockbuster, it left some viewers wanting more depth—pun intended

Meg 2: The Trench: A Deeper Dive

Responding to earlier critiques, the sequel dives deeper into the Mariana Trench’s eerie expanses. The film sees Statham’s character, Jonas Taylor, plunge into the abyss for another giant animal escapade. Promisingly, the story delivers new aquatic species and audaciously dismisses known oceanography norms.

Returning and New Faces

The film’s timeline reveals the tragic passing of Li Bingbing’s character, leaving her daughter, Meiying, in Jonas’ care. Meiying, with her youthful curiosity, inevitably finds herself embroiled in underwater chaos. A mix of familiar faces and newcomers join this underwater expedition, enhancing the sequel’s dynamic.

Bigger Threats and Twists

Beyond the marine dangers, Jonas confronts a sinister human conspiracy, culminating in a chaotic showdown at a resort named Fun Island. The climax is reminiscent of the first movie but is cranked up several notches.

Directorial Mastery by Ben Wheatley

Ben Wheatley’s direction plays a significant role in elevating this sequel. Known for his eclectic filmography, Wheatley infuses the movie with the right balance of fun, ludicrous physics, and character dynamics. Meg 2 gleefully revels in its absurdity, immersing audiences in a roller-coaster of events without overthinking the scientific veracity.

Statham’s Evolving Role

Statham embraces a nuanced performance in Meg 2. While the original Meg perhaps tried too hard to be sleek, the sequel allows for a more earnest comedic approach. The action sequences are interspersed with Statham’s humbling moments, humanizing the larger-than-life action hero.

The Final Verdict: Should You Dive In?

While Meg 2: The Trench offers a fun, breezy experience, it might not be for every cinephile. Some may find it the perfect light-hearted escapade for a summer’s day, while others might reserve it for half-conscious airplane viewing. Regardless of the perspective, one thing is clear—the depths of Meg 2 are worth at least a quick plunge for those seeking a few thrills and laughs.

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