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Books: 20-Year History of TNA/IMPACT Wrestling

I announced that my first-ever book is going to be two books and that they are going to cover the entirety of TNA/IMPACT Wrestling’s 20-year history, from 2002 through 2022. As of right now, I’ve done more than 40 interviews with wrestlers, executives from Spike TV and Fox Sports Net, audio engineers, members of the marketing team, live event directors, international and domestic ringmasters, music directors, video game designers, managers, and so much more!


My most recent big-time interview was with Diamond Dallas Page! DDP himself spoke with me about his time in TNA, his thoughts on Jeff Jarrett, Dixie Carter, and AJ Styles, among other topics. As always, it was a pleasure speaking with the most inspirational and motivational in the history of professional wrestling. I look forward to incorporating his thoughts into my books for you to enjoy!

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