Review – KISS Kruise IV: Dressed To Kill

Dressed to kill with KISS.

Below is my video review of KISS Kruise IV, as well as photos and videos from this unforgettable event. Enjoy!

With the great Mark Cicchini of the awesome Three Sides of the Coin KISS podcast.
Cheap Trick put on a great show.
A front-row-center selfie before KISS’ acoustic set.
Holding a Gene Simmons Axe.
With KISS’ manager, Doc McGhee.

Me, Tommy Thayer and my friend Chuck.
This was my first time getting my face painted as a KISS character. 
This lucky girl received Eric’s cowbell.

4 thoughts on “Review – KISS Kruise IV: Dressed To Kill

  1. Enjoyed listening to your video review about your KISS Kruise, Michael. Love the photos! I particularly enjoyed the acoustic videos and your Karaoke video was great too. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

  2. “Paul delivered and Gene didn’t…what a surprise”…..awesome!

    also, the Watchin’ You video is kinda awesome too!

    And with Cheap Trick being the icing on a cake that needed no icing, I think “jelly” is the term the kids would use to describe my thoughts on your kruise! Rock on…

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