Book Review: Plum Island by Nelson DeMille


Want to hear something strange? I met Nelson DeMille twice before reading one of his books. Seriously! I met him at a Harlan Coben book signing and then I met him at ThrillerFest last year, so I finally decided it was time to read one of his books – especially since I’ve heard such great things about them. The one I decided to start with was Plum Island

Unlike many of the thrillers I typically read that move a-mile-a-minute, Plum Island was more of a slow burn. Over its nearly 700 pages, this well-written novel unfolds like an episode of Murder, She Wrote where the protagonist – in this case, John Corey – is trying to unravel the mystery and the reader is along for the ride.

Nelson DeMille at ThrillerFest in July 2015.

Written in first-person, Plum Island features some terrific humor and sarcasm from Corey, a lovable character with a tough-guy exterior. The supporting cast is comprised of many interesting and quirky characters you’ll remember long after the final page has been turned.

While Plum Island wasn’t as fast-paced as I initially expected, it kept me engaged from start to finish. It also introduced me to the world of Nelson DeMille – one which is filled with compelling dialogue, three-dimensional locales and intriguing mystery. I couldn’t have asked for more.


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