Our New Kitten: Penny


first-photo-with-pennyOn Friday, November 25, Stephanie and I adopted a kitten and named her Penny. This was an impulse adoption. I had planned on bringing Stephanie to Morris Animal Refuge on her birthday, but we were walking by and she asked if we could go in to look at the kittens so I figured, why not?

Going into the shelter I knew we weren’t going to leave without a kitten. I told Stephanie that I had planned to bring her there on her birthday as a surprise. We saw a beautiful and energetic calico kitten in the window and quickly decided that she was the one.

The adoption process was very quick. We filled out a form, paid $100 and off we went with our new furry friend.

While we were there, I learned that Morris Animal Refuge was founded in 1874, making it the first animal shelter in the country. Better yet, it’s a no-kill shelter, which is remarkable considering how long it’s been in existence.

For the first few days we kept Penny in her own room so she wouldn’t get into trouble around the house or into fights with our six-year-old cat, Pepper. 

Penny is now roaming the house freely and chasing her big brother to and fro. It’s funny that he’s more scared of her than she is of him, especially since she’s a fraction of his size. But just last night I caught Penny sleeping on top of Pepper for a few minutes, so I think they’re slowly becoming best friends. I look forward to many happy years with Penny and Pepper.

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