Book Review: The Art Of Splatoon


Eleven days prior to the release of Splatoon 2 on Nintendo Switch, Dark Horse published The Art of Splatoon –  a 320-page book about the popular video game franchise, including character illustrations, concept art and more. This book is currently available in print and digital formats, and it’s a terrific addition to any video game fan’s reading library.

As you can see from the image below, this book is filled with images and information related to nearly every aspect of Splatoon. That said, the vast majority of it focuses on the first game, while the last few pages briefly touch on Splatoon 2. At the end of The Art of Splatoon, there is text that alludes to the idea of there being a sequel to this book that will cover everything related to Splatoon 2

The imagery and information contained in this book is reflective of the vibrant and fun nature of Splatoon. If you’re a fan of Splatoon, you will love The Art of Splatoon. I highly recommend that you pick it up, as it’s a lovingly-crafted tome about one of the hottest video game franchises on the planet.

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