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William Shatner, even at 87-years-old, seems to have boundless amounts of energy. He’s always working on something new and exciting. Right now he’s on a tour where he’s visiting cities and, following a screening of the classic film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Shatner is participating in a live-on-stage Q&A with audiences. My father and I attended the Philadelphia screening at The Academy of Music, and it was an excellent event.

The last time I saw The Wrath of Khan in its entirety was probably when I was a child, watching it with my dad. He’s a big Star Trek fan and is the one who got me into Star Trek and sci-fi in general. So, I figured bringing him to this special screening so we could enjoy this fun night together only made sense. The film itself was great and I forgot how many important things happen during it, which I won’t spoil for those that haven’t seen it. What made it even more enjoyable was how into it the crowd was. People were applauding at key moments, yelling out one-liners from the film, and overall having a great time.After the movie, William Shatner took to the stage and was met with a standing ovation. For the next hour, he provided insightful, hilarious, and moving stories about Star Trek and his career. He oftentimes would get up and walk around the stage, using his body language to punctuate his compelling tales. Shatner engaged the crowd directly and indirectly during this portion of the event, exuding charisma and charm the entire time. What really fascinated me was when he was asked the final question of the evening, he started to answer it directly but then went on a tangent only to circle back to the original answer several minutes later, further emphasizing that William Shatner is a master storyteller.

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