Review: Super Street Racer for Nintendo Switch


Released on November 7, Super Street Racer is available digitally and physically for Nintendo Switch at the price of $39.99. It’s an enjoyable, attractive looking game filled with numerous customization options, as well as a substantial career mode with a variety of challenges to overcome. I’ve enjoyed my time with it and keep coming back for more. Let’s take a closer look at what this game has to offer.

According to the game’s official description, here’s what it features:

  • Intense action-packed racing pushing your car to its very limits!
  • Go from scrap to supercar, building your ultimate street racer!
  • Extensive and authentic customization: tune your car using 500+ branded aftermarket car parts among them Continental, JBL®, Falken, BBS and Sparco.
  • Play through a career mode featuring over 60 missions divided over rich and vibrant worlds ranging from world cities to outdoor environments.
  • Take it up against friends and family in split-screen!

In Super Street Racer, you don’t simply buy your car—you build it! Seriously. The game started off by asking me to select a mechanical mess with four wheels from a junkyard. I did so, and I was forced to use this visual travesty for the first few races. Once I earned enough coin—no, there aren’t any microtransactions in this game—I upgraded my vehicle in a myriad of ways. I bought new tires, a new hood, new lights; I even gave the entire car a new coat of paint, making it look light years better than the abomination I originally purchased. This urge to continually upgrade the inside and outside of my vehicle is what keeps bringing me back to play Super Street Racer.

Visually, this game is attractive. It didn’t blow me away. However, the textures are nice and the lighting—especially during dusk—is impressive. The vehicle damage is well done, and I often found myself laughing at how much I destroyed my ride by the time I hit the finish line. It makes for a gaming experience that’s easy on the eyes. The audio is nothing to write home about, and the soundtrack is forgettable. This racer comes up short in the presentation department. For example, as I progressed I was periodically told that a publication mentioned me, or something of that nature, but this occurs without any pizzazz whatsoever. Instead of being shown what the text briefly described in a sentence or two, I was given a generic-looking screen and no tangible reward. So, these milestones were not only boring to look at, they had zero impact on my progression through the career mode. It made me say out loud, “Why do these even exist?” It’s a nice idea that’s not fully fleshed out. The same can be said for multiplayer. It should be online, but it isn’t.

Overall, Super Street Racer is a fun but flawed game. It delivers when it comes to customization and detailed destruction. However, it comes up short in the presentation and multiplayer categories. I’m mostly a solo gamer, so this isn’t a deal-breaker for me. But whether or not you can look past these shortcomings will determine if you’re willing to pay to get behind the wheel in Super Street Racer.

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