Book Review: Suze Orman’s The Ultimate Retirement Guide for 50+


Suze Orman is my favorite personal finance expert. Unlike most people my age, I used to watch The Suze Orman Show every Saturday night during most of its 13-year run on CNBC. I even met Suze at a book signing in New York when The Money Class came out in 2011, which was her last book. When Suze turned 65, she decided to stop her CNBC show and retire from the public spotlight. Suze and her wife sold their homes, moved to a small island, and they went fishing. That’s not a joke. Suze and her wife, KT, go fishing all the time. Suze even won several fishing trophies because she’s so good at it. So, why did Suze turn away from all this fame? She decided to find out who Suze Orman is when she’s not busy being Suze Orman. It’s an important lesson for all of us to consider. When we retire and step away from whatever it is we’re known for, are we happy? I’m glad to report that Suze is happy. However, she saw this revelation as an opportunity to write a book solely focused on retirement for those that are 50 and older. After all, when she was a financial advisor retirement was her speciality. Having read this book, I can confidently say that it’s Suze greatest book to date and her passion and knowledge radiate off of every page. It’s absolutely the best book I’ve ever read on personal finance.

You might be wondering, “Michael, you’re 35-years-old. Why are you reading a book for people that are significantly older than you?” The reason is simple: if I can learn and apply this advice to my life now, then I can be in even better shape when I’m 50. I’ve always tried to maintain a long-term perspective when it comes to retirement. This book taught me a thing or two about the importance of having predictable, steady income (i.e., social security, pensions, income annuities) and three years of expenses in a high-yield savings and/or money market account when I retire so I don’t have to be overly reliant on my IRA or a 401(k) because they are heavily influenced by the whims of the stock market. I also learned how critically important it is to get long-term care insurance because most of us will wind up in assisted living at some point and the cost, if you don’t have insurance, is astronomical.

What makes The Ultimate Retirement Guide for 50+ so great is that it has information that’s useful for specific age groups, as well as content that’s applicable to everyone. And all of the topics are covered in a way that didn’t make my mind go numb. Even better, listening to the audiobook version is the way to go because having Suze deliver each and every word to me with her signature, impassioned delivery kept me engaged and entertained the whole way through. Regardless of your age, The Ultimate Retirement Guide for 50+ by Suze Orman is worth buying and reading. It’s overflowing with sage wisdom from a woman who, for decades, has been a guiding light for those seeking financial freedom and security. Who knows—if you read it and trust Suze’s wisdom, you may get to go fishing too.

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