Movie Review: Vanilla Sky


Last night my wife and I were looking for a movie to watch. I went on to Amazon Prime Video and searched through the popular movies that are currently included with a Prime membership, and I came across Vanilla Sky. Released in 2001, this is a movie I’ve always been aware of but knew nothing about. After watching part of the trailer, we both agreed that it was worth giving a go. Read on for my thoughts on Vanilla Sky.

Here’s how Amazon describes Vanilla Sky:

“Young and wealthy, David can have anything his heart desires. But his life seems incomplete. One night, David meets the woman of his dreams and believes he may have found the missing piece.”

The trailer, which seems dated both in its style and standard definition, reveals too much about the movie — something more characteristic of modern-day trailers. This is why we stopped watching the trailer and decided to start the film. Movie trailers really should only give you enough to intrigue you — nothing more. Once they start showing you plot twists, you’re essentially watching the movie.

Speaking of plot twists, Vanilla Sky has a few. It’s not simply a movie about romance. Instead, it’s a mystery filled with romance, mental health issues, and technology. It’s an intricately woven story that makes more sense as it unfolds, and the conclusion is a satisfying one.

When the movie ended, the first credit that appeared was one stating that Vanilla Sky was written and produced by Cameron Crowe, This made me laugh because the night before we watched Aloha, another movie by Cameron Crowe. We selected both movies having no clue that he had anything to do with them. What are the chances of that? I can firmly say that Aloha wasn’t very good and that Vanilla Sky is vastly superior on every level. If you haven’t seen Vanilla Sky, you should. If you have Amazon Prime, it’s a no-brainer. Go watch this movie for free, as it will keep you entertained and wondering what’s coming next.

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