IMPACT Wrestling Report: Turning Point, New App, Final Resolution, & More


This past week has been a busy one for IMPACT Wrestling. The company had a crisis situation when updating its app resulted in subscribers not being able to log in. Thankfully, this was followed by a fantastic IMPACT Plus exclusive event in Turning Point, which included the announcement of the next PPV: Final Resolution. Read on for details about all of this and more.

IMPACT Plus: Failure to Launch

A couple days prior to the IMPACT Plus exclusive event, Turning Point, IMPACT Wrestling decided to update its IMPACT Plus app. Unfortunately, migrating to a new system resulted in a significant amount of subscribers, including myself, not being able to log into the app until right before Turning Point. The company was getting lambasted on social media because of this monumental failure, and because of IMPACT Wrestling’s lack of communication around what the company was doing to resolve the problem. I was contacted by a PR person for IMPACT, who let me know the following:

“I’m sorry to learn of the issues you’ve experienced with your subscription. Unfortunately, you seem to be one of a number of fans who are continuing to experience difficulties with IMPACT Plus.

This is a result of a third-party vendor taking months on a migration process that should have been completed seamlessly in June. We have every reason to expect the migration process to be completed tonight, and that tomorrow you’ll be able to access the new-look IMPACT Plus.

Like you, we have been extremely frustrated at this situation. While these issues have been beyond our control, ultimately, the buck stops with us. We’ve fallen short of our commitment to you, our most hardcore fanbase. This isn’t good enough, we know.

On behalf of the IMPACT Plus team, I promise we will make it up to you. We’ll be contacting your again shortly.

A lot of work has go into augmenting our service, and we are excited by the new programming and features we will be debuting on IMPACT Plus.”

While I appreciate the personal touch with the email above, the service wasn’t available for me, or anyone else I spoke with online, until the absolute last minute prior to the event. And there were still people who didn’t have access, from what I’ve been told. I was just one of the lucky ones. To make matters worse, IMPACT’s support team didn’t reply to anyone who emailed them. While the company did provide a link for everyone to watch the event for free, they didn’t email anyone to tell them this. I only found out about this because someone tagged me in a tweet. During a crisis people want reassurance that everything will be OK and a timeline for when the problem is going to be resolved. Fans didn’t get any of this.

While I love IMPACT Wrestling, the company did a horrendous job in this situation. The app never should have been updated a couple days prior to an event exclusive to the app, and the lack of support and communication around this crisis only exacerbated the negativity of the situation. I hope IMPACT learns from this crisis and that it never happens again.

Turning Point

While the IMPACT Plus app update was a total debacle, the exclusive event, Turning Point, exceeded all expectations. It was a fantastic show with stellar matches from top to bottom.

Chris Sabin and James Storm gave fans a tag team we didn’t know we needed in Beer Guns. These two have faced each other countless times over the years, so it should come as no surprise that they had amazing chemistry with each other. This match was entertaining and satisfying on all levels.

The other highlight of the night for me was Rich Swann successfully retaining his IMPACT World Championship against Sami Callihan, providing further proof that he’s worthy of his position in the company. These guys turned in a passion-filled performance that was all heart and reflective of the dedication that IMPACT’s wrestlers put into their craft week after week.

Final Resolution

During Turning Point it was revealed that the next IMPACT Plus exclusive event is Final Resolution, taking place on December 12.

The Rascalz’s Final Match

IMPACT has publicly announced that The Rascalz, a fan-favorite tag team that has been with IMPACT Wrestling for the past couple years, is leaving the company. It’s rumored that they are going to WWE, but only time will tell. Nevertheless, Dez and Wentz will battle Rich Swann and Trey Miguel in a tag team dream match on Tuesday (Nov. 17) at 8/7c on AXS TV and Twitch. With it being their final match in IMPACT Wrestling, you’ll want to tune in.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing The Rascalz perform live a few times in Philly, and they are a great tag team. I wish them well and hope that, at some point, they come back to IMPACT Wrestling.

Knockouts Tag Team Title Tournament

Another reason to tune into IMPACT Wrestling on Tuesday night is it’s the start of the Knockouts Tag Team Title Tournament! This should be a hard-hitting collection of matches that leads up to the crowning of the new Knockouts Tag Team Champions.

So, there you have it! A quick rundown of what’s going on in the world of IMPACT Wrestling: a technology crisis, a phenomenal PPV, a preview of the next IMPACT Plus exclusive event, a tag team bidding farewell, and new female tag team champions on the horizon. Despite a minor bump in the road, IMPACT Wrestling is ending the year strong, and 2021 is looking even better.

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