Movie Review: Tina


Tina Turner is the greatest female rock and roll singer of all time. At 81-years-old she has touched the lives of millions of people the world over with her music and life story. That wonderful music and inspirational tale are the centerpiece of the new documentary entitled Tina on HBO Max.

I was fortunate enough to see Tina Turner live with my Dad on April 3, 2000, during her Twenty Four Seven Tour, which was billed as her last. She did return for a 50th Anniversary Tour nearly 10 years later, which we didn’t attend, making that first and only concert that much more meaningful. Seeing Tina dance across the stage, belting out rock anthems with the thousands of people in attendance singing along was pure magic.

I remember being tremendously moved by the film What’s Love Got To Do With It, which was the screen adaptation of her first autobiography: I, Tina. This movie, and the book that inspired it, brought to life Tina Turner’s traumatic past and unwavering self determination to succeed, despite the odds being stacked against her. This new documentary, Tina, which serves as her formal farewell to fans and the public spotlight, provides an intimate documentation of all of the trials and tribulations that have marked her career and life.

Tina is a beautifully produced documentary. The musical interludes are tremendous, and the archival footage and interviews bring even more depth to an already substantial story. Hearing Tina’s thoughts on how talking about Ike over and over again brought her into a state of depression was enlightening. Fans and journalists alike always clamor for the most personal of details, not realizing the emotional impact such requests can have on those who lived through the experiences.

This documentary is the perfect way for Tina Turner to say goodbye to her fans and for us to let her go. While Tina Turner’s music and story will continue to inspire forever, it’s time for her to live life in peace. Just like her iconic song, Tina Turner is simply the best. Thank you, Tina, for everything.

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