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I’ve been in touch with Jeff Jarrett since I started working on my book about the history of TNA/IMPACT Wrestling. However, he has yet to agree to do an interview with me for the project. So, when I heard that Jeff was coming to my city — Philadelphia — I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to meet Double J for the first time ever and see if I could convince him to speak with me for my book. Read on for details about my meet and greet with the “King of the Mountain.”

As a child, I found Jeff Jarrett to be a jerk. Now, as an adult, I realize that what he was doing was brilliant because, in reality, Jeff Jarrett is nice, considerate, empathetic person. He was just terrific at his job, which was being a heel on TV. Some fans like to rag on him, as they do with all wrestling promoters, but Jeff has had, and continues to have, an exceptional career. USWA, WCW, WWF, TNA, Global Force Wrestling, and more. He’s been a wrestler, a promoter, a founder, a producer, a creative team lead, and an executive — it’s truly remarkable to see what he’s been able to accomplish by channeling his entrepreneurial spirit. If you want a glimpse into the mind of Double J, make sure to listen to his My World podcast with Conrad Thompson; it’s a real treat.

When I arrived at Jeff’s table, he was pleasantly surprised and delighted to see me. We shook hands, and he autographed several items for me: my first-edition WWE Encyclopedia, two Global Force Wrestling DVDs, and his four-disc TNA Wrestling documentary and career retrospective.

I told Jeff I’d still love to interview him for my book, and he said that he’d think about it. Why hasn’t he agreed to do an interview with me yet? Well, it could be because he has his podcast. Maybe it’s because he’s a private person. Who knows, but I’m grateful that he’s considering it. We’ll see what the future holds.

Aside from my book, Jeff brought up DDP Yoga, because he knows that I’m a certified DPPY instructor — and Jeff does DDP Yoga too. While I was waiting in line to meet Diamond Dallas Page and passing by Double J’s table, Jeff said to me, “Michael, DDP Yoga — I did mine this morning!” I said, “I did DDP Yoga this morning too!” Jeff replied, “Give me a down dog!” I said, “I’ll do that if you get into a lunge position.” He laughed and I added, “Can you do a roundhouse kick?” For those that don’t know, that’s where DDP, and other flexible members of the DDPY faithful, stand on one leg, grab the opposite foot — either by the big toe or the inside or outside of the foot — and stretch it up and out until your leg is straight and your foot is in the air next to your head. Jeff said, “I can, but if I did that, I might scare some folks.” But then he proceeded to go into a tree pose, balancing on one leg and bending the other inward. It was a fun little moment, and I think it’s pretty cool that Jeff and I have bonded over something as unexpected as DDP Yoga. Go figure!

Meeting Jeff Jarrett for the first time ever was totally worth it. He was as nice in real life as I expected he would be, and Jeff was kind enough to sign all my items and take a photo with me. The DDPY exchange was just the cherry on top. Here’s to hoping I get to interview the “King of the Mountain” about the company he founded and built into an institution that’s turning 20 years old next year.

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