Review: Taste by Stanley Tucci


Having watched and enjoyed Stanley Tucci’s show Searching For Italy, I was very excited to listen to him narrate his new audiobook, which is a food-focused memoir. Is it worth the price of admission? Read on for my thoughts.

Stanley Tucci has a wonderful voice that is charming, relaxing, and impactful. He’s the perfect person to narrate this audiobook, for a variety of reasons, and I sincerely hope he narrates even more books, including those not written by him. Hearing, rather than reading, Tucci’s words makes the stories that much more compelling. It’s truly a feast for the ears.

Sprinkled throughout the book are stories that lead to Tucci sharing recipes for both drinks and food. The ease with which he moves from story to recipe is organic and refreshing. At nearly seven hours in length, this audiobook breezes by because of the author’s cadence and storytelling ability.

Taste is a superb memoir that is a reflection on the food, life, and career of Stanley Tucci. I learned about his numerous highs and lows, and this audiobook even inspired me to watch Julie & Julia last night — a lovely movie about Julia Child (Meryl Streep) where Tucci plays her husband. Just like that film, Taste is a full-course meal that goes down easy and left me feeling satisfied. Magnifico!

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