Amazon Launches Kindle Rewards Program


On Monday, I received an email from Amazon welcoming me to its new Kindle Rewards program. This invitation-only beta program pays customers for buying books (physical and Kindle) from Amazon. Read on for all the details.

Below is the infographic included in the welcome-to-Kindle-Rewards email Amazon sent me.

Below the infographic was the following banner image promoting a limited time Kindle Rewards special offer.

Below that was the following:

Help us improve

Your feedback is an important part of making Kindle Rewards great! We’d love to hear how we can make it even better. Please note that survey responses are not monitored by customer support.

Below is the survey:

Here’s how the Kindle Rewards program works:

  • Earn Kindle Points. Get 5 points per dollar spent on Kindle books and 2 points per dollar spent on print books.
  • Complete bonus offers. Get even more Kindle Points!
  • Redeem for Kindle book credits. Get $3 for every 300 points.

I think the Kindle Rewards program is excellent, and I hope Amazon creates a similar program for Audible.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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