Is An ESO Plus Membership Worth The Money In 2023?


The world of Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is vast and engaging, filled with adventures, quests, and unique treasures. As in most MMORPGs, the more access you have, the better your experience. ESO Plus membership enhances your gameplay significantly, offering a plethora of perks. The question is, is it worth the investment in 2023? With a 12-month membership priced at $139.99 a year, which breaks down to $11.67 a month, versus the monthly payment option of $14.99 a month, one can’t help but wonder. Let’s explore the benefits and weigh the pros and cons.

ESO Plus Membership: Breaking Down The Cost

When you opt for a 12-month membership, you essentially pay $11.67 monthly instead of $14.99. That’s a saving of $39.84 over a year. This pricing scheme rewards those who make a long-term commitment to the game. So if you’re planning to invest time in ESO, the annual membership provides the best value.

Member Benefits

ESO Plus Members DLC Game Packs

Full access to all DLC game packs is given.

More Crafting Storage

You get unlimited storage for crafting materials.

Free Crowns

Members receive 1650 crowns per month to spend on mounts, pets, and more.

Extra Bank Space

Your bank space is doubled for your account.

More Gold & XP

A 10% increase to Gold & Experience acquisition is granted.

Bonus to Crafting

Crafting Inspiration & Trait Research rates get a 10% increase.

More Furniture Space

Double Furnishings & Collectibles space in player housing is available.

Costume Dyeing

Members have the exclusive ability to dye costumes.

Transmutation Crystals

The currency cap for Transmutation Crystals is doubled.

Exclusive Deals

Members get exclusive access to unique Crown Store deals.

The Final Verdict

The annual ESO Plus Membership offers significant value for money, especially for dedicated players. With an array of exclusive benefits, from DLC access to additional bank space, increased gold & XP, and more, it’s clear that the membership can significantly enhance your Elder Scrolls Online experience. Additionally, the annual plan offers a cost-effective solution, saving you money in the long run. So, in 2023, an Elder Scroll Online Annual ESO Plus Membership still stands as a worthy investment for any devoted player.

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