Review of Murder, She Wrote: Madison Avenue Shoot


If you are a fan of mystery novels, then you should check out Murder, She Wrote: Madison Avenue Shoot by Donald Bain. This book is the perfect combination of suspense, drama, and mystery.

Engaging Storyline

The story revolves around the murder of a young model, which takes place during a photo shoot in New York City. Jessica Fletcher, a retired English teacher turned amateur detective, gets involved in the case. The plot is well-crafted, and the twists and turns will keep you guessing until the very end.

Complex Characters

The characters in the book are fascinating and multi-dimensional. You will find yourself invested in their lives, rooting for some and suspecting others. Jessica Fletcher, in particular, is a fantastic protagonist. Her intelligence, wit, and compassion make her a delight to read.

Excellent Writing

The writing in this book is superb. The dialogue is sharp, the descriptions are vivid, and the pacing is just right. The author, Donald Bain, has done an excellent job of capturing the essence of the television show upon which the book is based.

The Final Verdict

“Murder, She Wrote: Madison Avenue Shoot” is an excellent read for anyone who loves a good mystery. The engaging storyline, complex characters, and excellent writing make this book a must-read. Whether you are a fan of the television show or not, you will enjoy this book. I highly recommend it!

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