Audible Review: Is Wrestling Fixed? by Bill Apter


I recently listened to the audiobook Is Wrestling Fixed? I Didn’t Know It Was Broken! by Bill Apter. This Audible Original was highly enjoyable for a variety of reasons. First, Bill narrates the book himself, making it infinitely more charming and compelling. Second, I grew up watching professional wrestling (and still do) and I fondly recall buying many of the magazines Bill was affiliated with, including Pro Wrestling Illustrated, The Wrestler, and Inside Wrestling. Prior to the internet, these magazines were the best way to see amazing photos and read articles about my favorite professional wrestlers, and this was during the 1990s when the WWF (now WWE), WCW, and ECW were hotter than ever. It was a magical time to be a fan and this book captures that era, and many others, from Bill’s perspective.

It was fascinating learning about the various jobs he’s held throughout his diverse and lengthy career, and him and I connected via email because I discovered by reading this book that we both love Barry Manilow’s music. My favorite parts of the book were the countless stories peppered throughout about the friendships and memorable encounters Bill has had over the years with professional wrestling icons and celebrities. As his narration makes clear, he’s immensely grateful for the life he’s led and all of the opportunities along the way. This audiobook is a great way for fans of professional wrestling to get an insider’s point-of-view of what it’s like being behind the camera, microphone or pen of Bill Apter. I highly recommend it.

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