Audible Review: Cabal by Clive Barker


Originally released in 1988, Cabal is one of Clive Barker’s most well known stories because it was the basis for the cult classic film Nightbreed. The protagonist Boon is “a tortured soul haunted by the conviction that he has committed atrocious crimes.” According to the synopsis, “In a necropolis in the wilds of Canada, he seeks refuge and finds the last great creatures of the world – the shape-shifters known as the Nightbreed. They are possessed of unearthly powers-and so is Boone. In the hunt for Boone, they too will be hunted. Now only the courage of this strange human can save them from extinction. And only the undying passion of a woman can save Boone from his own corrupting hell…” Cabal is an inventive story, featuring wildly imaginative characters, and it has some of the most exquisite and poetic writing I’ve ever encountered.

I enjoyed Cabal much more than I thought I would. Clive Barker’s ability to write about horrific acts and sexuality in an unrestrained manner sets him apart from other authors. He can dig deep at an entirely different level, and it shows in the quality of his work. The narration of this audiobook is well done and suits the story well. Cabal is horror, adventure, romance, and science fiction all rolled into one masterfully written book that has stood the test of time. I highly recommend picking up this audiobook from Audible, as well as The Director’s Cut Blu-ray, so you can fully appreciate the scope and majesty of Cabal.

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