Audible Review: Kayfabe by Sean Oliver


Are you a wrestling fan holed up in your house because of the Coronavirus? If so, then you’ve got plenty of time to catch up on great wrestling books. Kayfabe by Sean Oliver is one of those books. Narrated by the author, Kayfabe is a collection of personal stories from the founder of Kayfabe Commentaries, a professional wrestling shoot interview company. The only complaint I have is that the editing of this audiobook is a little sloppy. For example, there were at least a couple times when the author did a second take of a line and both were included in the final version of this Audible Original. I’ve encountered this before with other audiobooks; however, it’s something that should have been caught and corrected in the editing process.

Overall, I really enjoyed Kayfabe. I blew through it in just a few days as I found the author’s frank style of storytelling to be entertaining. At times, it felt like he was bragging about his success and that he has an inflated opinion of himself and his company, which isn’t warranted. However, it’s his book so who am I to say what should or shouldn’t be included in it? If you’re not a wrestling fan, you won’t enjoy Kayfabe. But if you are, there’s a lot here to dig into.

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