AEW Arrives On DVD!


Right now is the best time to be a wrestling fan, since the 1990s. There are numerous promotions to enjoy, including WWE, IMPACT Wrestling, and, of course, All Elite Wrestling (AEW), which was founded in January 2019 and debuted its primetime TV show on TNT in October of the same year. Now AEW has a new milestone to add to its long list of achievements, the company’s popular PPV events are available on DVD for the first time!

I love the WWE Network and IMPACT Plus. Both are fantastic streaming services that provide fans with terrific programming and countless hours of content. As of right now, AEW doesn’t have a streaming service. However, I’m sure one is coming at some point in the future. For fans, like myself, who also enjoy physical media in this highly digital world, there’s good news: AEW has arrived on DVD!

Right now there are five DVDs for you to buy and enjoy, and they are all available at These DVDs are region free, which is awesome, and many include a second disc containing bonus content. With the holidays coming up, snag your copies of these AEW DVDs while you can.

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