CM Punk Returns & Signs With AEW


CM Punk has returned to pro wrestling! This legendary fan favorite has come back after seven long years of being away from the ring, but this time he’s with AEW, not WWE. And he made his big return the weekend of one of WWE’s flagship events: SummerSlam. Read on for my thoughts on this, as well as for videos of CM Punk’s debut on AEW, including what he had to say to the fans.

CM Punk debuted for WWE TV audiences in 2006 as part of the relaunched ECW brand. I saw him live for the first time later that year at Survivor Series, which emanated from Philadelphia. The fans were cheering for him then, and I knew he was going to be something special.

Punk was a part of so many epic moments in WWE history, including the infamous pipebomb promo, the Straight Edge Society, and Money In The Bank 2011, where the storyline felt incredibly real, the crowd was white hot, and the ending was jump-out-of-your-seat-and-cheer fun! I love CM Punk because he comes off a real, authentic, and passionate. Furthermore, he appears to be someone who isn’t willing to compromise his beliefs or morals for any reason whatsoever. In my book, that makes him badass.

Last night I was at a Journey concert in Atlantic City — my first concert since the start of the COVID pandemic. It was epic! After the show, I checked my phone and saw that all of the rumors were true: CM Punk is All Elite! When I got home, I watched the videos of Punk’s entrance, which got one of the loudest pops in the history of pro wrestling, and his promo, which was impassioned. I loved seeing Punk hug fans on his way to the ring and even dive into a group of them at one point. He really appears to be happy to be home.

I, frankly, have not watched AEW regularly for a very long time. I’m an IMPACT Wrestling guy, and I only have so many hours in a week that I can watch, and AEW just doesn’t compel me. Even with the arrival of CM Punk, I’m not going to buy their next PPV. However, I do have a ticket to see AEW Dynamite live in Philly in October (which I bought before this news); so, I do genuinely look forward to seeing CM Punk, Christian, Sting, and others at that time. Regardless of which brand of wrestling you prefer, one thing is for certain: it’s a damn good time to be a fan. Enjoy it!

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