IMPACT Wrestling Report: The Rascalz Final Match, Knockouts Tag Team Title Tournament, Wrestler’s Court, & More


Tonight is IMPACT Wrestling on AXS TV! So, let’s catch up on what happened last week and what’s going down tonight.

IMPACT Wrestling Supports Talent On Cameo

One of the major news items over the past week that came out is IMPACT Wrestling publicly supporting its talent on Cameo. Not only did they plug Cameo on last Tuesday night’s episode of IMPACT Wrestling, but the company posted an article on its website and social media making it clear that IMPACT is happy to support its talent’s efforts on Cameo. Read all about it here.

Has Detective Dreamer Cracked The Case?

I love Tommy Dreamer and Johnny Swinger. Both guys are highly entertaining. As the “Who Shot Bravo?” mystery continues to unfold, these two came head-to-head backstage. Detective Dreamer accused Johnny Swinger of shooting John E. Bravo after Swinger willingly showed him the gun in his fanny pack! Swinger denied the accusations but Dreamer isn’t buying it. Tonight, Wrestler’s Court returns!

Knockouts Tag Team Title Tournament

Another highlight of last week’s episode of IMPACT Wrestling was the first match in the Knockouts Tag Team Title Tournament. The Knockouts Tag Team Title Tournament began as the odd-couple pairing of Tenille Dashwood and Alisha battled the longtime devastating duo of Havok and Nevaeh! Tenille and Alisha displayed great teamwork in the early going as they delivered a double vertical suplex to Nevaeh. Tenille added insult to injury with the Dashwoogie, followed by the low crossbody in the corner. Alisha hit Havok with a wheel barrel Flatliner but Havok came right back with a thunderous swinging slam. Alisha took a page of out Tenille’s playbook with a low crossbody of her own to Havok! Tenille saved Alisha from the Tombstone Piledriver and then avoided a clothesline by throwing Alisha into it as she retreated to safety. Havok and Nevaeh put Alisha away with an impressive double-team finisher to advance in the tournament.

The Rascalz Final Match

It’s been a week of saying goodbye in wrestling. This past Sunday, The Undertaker addressed fans for the final time on Survivor Series, and The Rascalz took part in their final match in IMPACT Wrestling the Tuesday prior. After being evicted from the Treehouse, the Rascalz wrestled their final match in IMPACT Wrestling. Wentz squared off with Trey as they started things off in a stalemate. Then, Dez and Swann stood toe-to-toe as Swann took control with a spin kick. Wentz hit Trey with a Bronco Buster in the corner. Trey connected with the Colorful Combination to his fellow Rascalz, Dez and Wentz. Swann hit a standing Shooting Star on Wentz but Dez broke up the pin attempt. All four men exchanged strikes in the middle of the ring as everyone got taken out with superkicks! Dez and Wentz hit Hot Fire Flame on Swann but this time it was Trey who broke up the pin! Trey flew off the top rope with double knees to Dez, and Swann capitalized with a superkick to Dez for the win. It was a spectacular display of athleticism and friendship, and, by the end, all of the guys involved, and the fans at home, were in tears. This match was the perfect send-off for The Rascalz, and it made me grateful that I had the chance to see them live numerous times at IMPACT Wrestling and House of Hardcore shows in Philadelphia.

IMPACT Wrestling Tonight!

Tonight’s episode of IMPACT Wrestling promises to be a great one, with the IMPACT Wrestling World Championship on the line when Rich Swann defends his title against “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” Ken Shamrock. We also find out who Ethan Page’s “phenomenal” opponent is, Johnny Swinger goes to Wrestler’s Court, and much more!


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