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More eyes are on IMPACT Wrestling than there have been in a long time. Thankfully, IMPACT Wrestling is capitalizing on this opportunity with stellar weekly programming on AXS TV, as well as monthly event exclusive to the IMPACT Plus app, including last night’s Final Resolution.

I love how IMPACT Wrestling is bringing back the classic TNA PPV names for its IMPACT Plus exclusive events. This year we’ve had Victory Road, Turning Point, and now Final Resolution. And in January we’re getting Genesis. The fact that IMPACT Wrestling embraces its past is a fabulous thing. TNA is a promotion that should be celebrated, not forgotten. This is a great way to pay tribute to the many epic PPVS TNA brought us over the years.

Last night’s Final Resolution was a fantastic show. Below you’ll find the official recap from IMPACT Wrestling, as well as “My Take,” where you get my reaction to each match. At the end I’ll provide my overall thoughts on Final Resolution, so make sure to read every word.

Larry D vs. Tommy Dreamer: Old School Rules Match

A man’s freedom is on the line to kick off Final Resolution! If Larry D wins this match, he will not be charged for shooting John E Bravo at his wedding but if he loses, Tommy Dreamer is taking him to jail! The fight spills to the outside in this match with no disqualifications and no countouts. Larry drives Tommy face first into a baking sheet. Larry charges into the corner but Dreamer sidesteps, sending him crashing into a steel chair that Larry set up himself! Dreamer traps Larry in the Tree of Woe, then drives a steel chair into his head with a dropkick!

Larry’s XXXL tag partner, Acey Romero, attacks Dreamer from behind. Things are looking bad for Dreamer when John E Bravo makes his way in an attempt to make the save. Instead, XXXL sandwiches him with ferocious strength. Acey crashes and burns into a table. Larry headbutts Bravo to the mat. With the odds now even again, Dreamer hits Larry with a kendo stick low blow, followed by the DDT to win!

Tommy Dreamer def Larry D – Old School Rules

After the match, Dreamer places the handcuffs on Larry and they’re headed downtown.

My Take: This was a fun brawl to kick off the show between two heavy hitters. Tommy Dreamer always delivers, so I love seeing him do his thing in (and out of) the ring. A good way to set the tone for the show.

The Sea Stars vs. Havok and Nevaeh

As Havok and Nevaeh prepare to battle Jazz & Jordynne Grace in the semi-finals of the Knockouts Tag Team Title Tournament, they face the reigning Shimmer Tag Team Champions, The Sea Stars right now at Final Resolution! Havok attempts to overpower Ashley but she uses her speed to avoid the incoming attack. Havok and Nevaeh wear Delmi down as they cut off the ring and prevent her from making the tag.

Havok kicks Delmi from the apron, allowing Nevaeh to follow up with a German suplex. Delmi slips out the back and finally makes the tag to Ashley! Havok catches Ashley in mid-air and slams her on the hardest part of the ring! The Sea Stars hit a double team Codebreaker senton off the top but it’s not enough as Nevaeh connects with a sliding cutter on Delmi to win!

Havok & Nevaeh def The Sea Stars (Ashley Vox & Delmi Exo)

Before they officiate the upcoming match between Hernandez & Fallah Bahh, Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz try to come up with a plan to keep the prized roll of cash in their possession.

My Take: This is the second time I’ve seen The Sea Stars in action and they are very talented. While they were on the losing end of this match, both teams had the opportunity to shine. Being able to hold their own against Havok and Nevaeh shows me that The Sea Stars have a bright future ahead.

Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb vs. Eddie Edwards and Alisha

Kaleb steps away from the camera and into the ring for this tag team grudge match. Kaleb needs the referees assistance with getting his shirt off in the early going. Eddie takes control with a belly-to-belly suplex. Tenille throws Kaleb’s shirt into the face of Eddie, allowing him to take control. Eddie connects with the Blue Thunder Bomb before making the tag to his wife. Alisha goes on the attack with a running bulldog but Kaleb breaks the count. Kaleb trips up Alisha from the outside. Tenille hits a running low crossbody in the corner. Kaleb jumps off the top but Alisha gets her boot up! Eddie chops Kaleb while Tenille is trapped behind him. Alisha takes out Kaleb with a huge tornado DDT.

Moments later, Eddie dives to the outside! Alisha is perched on the top rope when Callihan makes his presence felt! Tenille capitalizes off the distraction with a Spotlight Kick on Alisha to win.

Tenille Dashwood & Kaleb With a K def Alisha & Eddie Edwards

After the match, Callihan assaults Eddie with the Callihan Slugger, followed by a vicious package piledriver. Callihan attempts to piledrive Alisha but is luckily stopped by security.

My Take: This was a silly match featuring some enjoyable intergender tag team action. I’ve always enjoyed Tenille because she’s both beautiful and excellent at what she does. However, her relying too much on comedy makes me wonder if that will be the very thing that holds Tenille back from breaking through to the top tier in the Knockouts division. Only time will tell.

After the match Sami Callihan came out and decimated Eddie Edwards.

Then we were taken outside to Kenny Omega’s luxury tour bus, including some words from IMPACT Wrestling EVP Don Callis.

Hernandez vs. Fallah Bah: Special Referee Kiera Hogan and Special Ring Announcer Tasha Steelz

After months of conflict, the clash for the cash is finally upon us! Both men collide in the middle of the ring with neither being able to get the other off their feet. Fallah hits a running crossbody, followed by an elbow drop for two. Fallah charges into the corner but Hernandez uses Kiera as a shield! Hernandez rakes the eyes of Fallah, then follows up with a slingshot shoulder block. Hernandez flies over the top with a crossbody to the floor! Fallah fights back with a running clothesline. Fallah sits on Hernandez and has him beat but Kiera employs a slow count. Hernandez hits a top rope splash to score the victory!

Hernandez def Fallah Bahh – Winner Receives the Cash, Kiera Hogan as Special Referee, Tasha Steelz as Ring Announcer

Post-match, Hernandez demands the money but Tasha claims to have lost it! Hernandez chases them into the back as this saga continues.

My Take: This was a lighthearted match featuring two powerhouses who always entertain me, and the special guest referee and ring announcer element added to the entertainment value. It was a nice respite from the serious ending to the previous match.

Eric Young vs. Rhino

Rhino has taken exception to the violent beatdowns that Eric Young and Joe Doering have been giving to members of the IMPACT Wrestling roster as of late! The match is physical from the opening bell as these two former IMPACT World Champions collide. Doering provides a distraction at ringside, allowing Young to clobber Rhino from behind. Moments later, lightning strikes twice as Doering gets on the apron, allowing Young to take control with a neckbreaker! Young attempts a top rope Moonsault but Rhino avoids it to create separation.

Rhino inadvertently whips Young into the referee and the match begins to break down! The Deaners make their way to the ring and Cody pries Young’s mask out of his hands. In a shocking turn of events, Cody yells “I’m not a nobody!” and hits Cousin Jake over the head with it! Moments later, Young hits Rhino with the mask to steal the win.

Eric Young w/ Joe Doering def Rhino

My Take: I love Eric Young! He’s my favorite wrestler in IMPACT Wrestling. His ring psychology and physical prowess is unmatched, and I think it’s great how he’s being used to elevate Joe Doering. At the same time, this match left us with a fascinating cliffhanger involving The Deaners that makes me wonder what’s next.

Defeat Rohit Challenge

Rohit Raju is in the ring for the final Defeat Rohit Challenge of 2020. Who will answer the call for a shot at the X-Division Championship? The mysterious masked man by the name of Manik is here!

X-Division Champion Rohit Raju vs Manik – Defeat Rohit Challenge for the X-Division Championship

Rohit has his eyes glued to the stage but Manik appears on the top rope behind him! Manik hits a top rope crossbody as Josh Mathews notes that it’s TJP underneath the mask. TJP was ineligible to answer the challenge after Rohit defeated him but he never said anything about his alter ego Manik!

The masked sensation goes over the top with a corkscrew crossbody. Manik disappears underneath the ring only to reappear moments later to catch Rohit off guard with a pin attempt. Rohit turns the tide with a hanging neckbreaker for two. Rohit remains in control with a side leg sweep. Manik rebuilds momentum with the Detonation Kick, followed by a springboard DDT for a near fall!

Rohit hits his signature double foot stomp, followed by the Flatliner for a near fall of his own! Manik avoids a jumping knee and rolls Rohit up to score the pin – Manik is the new X-Division Champion!

Manik def Rohit Raju – Defeat Rohit Challenge for the X-Division Championship, NEW X-Division Champion

My Take: Rohit Raju is one of the most entertaining professional wrestlers in any promotion on the planet. He’s so good at being a heel, and I always enjoy watching him. Rohit is also hilarious on social media, especially when he posts images of himself having a cup of coffee with the X Division Championship and things of this nature. I totally understand that he eventually had to lose, so I don’t see this as a bad thing for Rohit. I’m sure he’ll shine in 2021 and continue to accomplish great things. The future is nothing but bright for Rohit Raju.

Deonna Purrazzo vs. Rosemary: Knockouts Title Match

Deonna Purrazzo was able to exorcise Su Yung with the help of Father James Mitchell. Will she be able to do the same to Rosemary with the Knockouts Title on the line? Rosemary hits a spear in the opening moments of the match to gain the early advantage. Deonna sends Rosemary’s arm into the steel ring post as she looks for the Fujiwara Armbar. Deonna continues to target the arm of the Demon Assassin.

Rosemary locks in the Upside Down, doing some serious damage to the champ. Lee distracts Rosemary from ringside, allowing Deonna to regain control. Rosemary hits a sidewalk slam to create separation. Rosemary hits a double underhook butterfly suplex for two. Rosemary connects with the Red Wedding but Lee pulls the referee out! Taya chases Lee around the ring. Meanwhile, Deonna connects with the Cosa Nostra piledriver on Rosemary to win.

Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo w/ Kimber Lee def Rosemary w/ Taya Valkyrie – Knockouts Championship

My Take: Deonna Purrazzo is one of my favorite female wrestlers in the business today. She is one of the best workers in the ring, and she knows how to tell a story on the mic as well. I’m impressed by her scientific offense, and I think she’s the perfect female competitor to represent the Knockouts division as champion. While Rosemary did a wonderful job in this match of looking strong and delivering solid moves, Deonna continued to shine as the focal point of women’s wrestling in IMPACT and beyond.

After the Knockouts Championship match, we were treated to a backstage segment involving Kenny Omega and Karl Anderson.

Karl Anderson vs. Ethan Page

Anderson is looking for revenge after Page took Doc Gallows out of action! If Page wins tonight, he will receive a future opportunity at the Tag Team Championships. Meanwhile, there’s turmoil in The North because Alexander doesn’t agree with Page’s reckless actions as of late. Alexander distracts Anderson in the early going and Page takes advantage with a modified backbreaker. Page continues to wear Anderson down with a strong dropkick. Anderson begins to fight back as he exchanges strikes with Page in the middle of the ring. Anderson is in total control when he hits his signature spinebuster!

Page counters the Gun Stun into a scoop slam for two. Alexander attempts to get involved but Anderson sees it coming and knocks him off the apron. Anderson connects with the Gun Stun on Page to win!

Tag Team Champion Karl Anderson def Ethan Page w/ Josh Alexander

After the match, Page pleads with Alexander that he has a plan despite them not earning a future shot at The Good Brothers’ Tag Team Championships. Alexander takes off his North jacket before walking up the ramp alone.

My Take: Tag team wrestling has always been one of IMPACT Wrestling’s strengths. The North and The Good Brothers are two of the best. In this match one half of each tag team squared off against one another, and it was great to watch. I prefer both wrestlers when they are engaging in tandem offense, but they definitely can carry their own solo. The most interesting part was the ending, which makes it seem as if The North is about to fracture. I hope not because they are incredible together. I guess we’ll have to wait and see where they take it from here.

Rich Swann vs. Chris Bey: IMPACT World Title Match

Will Chris Bey only need one shot to become IMPACT World Champion? He gets his first-ever opportunity here tonight against Rich Swann. Bey counters Rolling Thunder into a small package for an early two count. Bey connects with a strong neckbreaker. The fight spills to the outside as Bey sends Swann into the steel guardrail. Swann begins to build momentum with a rolling clothesline, followed by his signature step-up kick. Bey transitions from a Torture Rack into another neckbreaker for a near fall. Swann shows off his incredible athleticism with a handspring Moonsault! Swann goes for it again but Bey counters into a modified sunset flip powerbomb for a close near fall!

Both warriors exchange superkicks. Backslide after backslide, near fall after near fall, Bey hits a Fisherman’s Buster but Swann somehow kicks out. Bey looks to put Swann away with The Art of Finesse but Swann counters with a handspring! Swann hits the deep kick, followed by the Phoenix Splash to retain the World Title!

IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann def Chris Bey – IMPACT World Title

My Take: What a match! Rich Swann is a great champion, and Chris Bey proved that he is more than worthy of being the contender for the title. And how about the fact that IMPACT Wrestling is progressive enough to have four black wrestlers — Rich Swann, Chris Bey, Willie Mack, and Moose — feuding over its top prize? Neither WWE nor AEW can say the same. This is something IMPACT Wrestling and its wrestlers should be proud of because this is meaningful change in action.

The show ended with Moose handing Rich Swann the IMPACT World Championship, as if to say that he could take it away from him whenever he wants to do so. I guess we’ll have to see how this plays out in the weeks to come.

Final Thoughts

Final Resolution was an excellent show that provides old fans and new with the perfect snapshot of what IMPACT Wrestling is all about. While not every match was a five-star classic, every single one of them provided entertainment and value. More importantly, they showcased the diverse array of talent this company has as part of its roster. And, as noted above, the main event made it clear that IMPACT Wrestling is focused on diversity and inclusion in a way no other wrestling company is at the moment. This show made me proud to be a fan of IMPACT Wrestling. It’s a company steeped in a rich history of spectacular content and stars that has uniquely positioned itself to reach a level of success it has not seen in a decade. And it has not done so by trying to recreate the past, but instead by being different, fresh, and new. I was happy to be along for the ride then, and I’m even happier to be along for the ride now. 2020 was a great year for this company, and 2021 is going to be even more special.

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