Movie Review: Jakob’s Wife


Jakob’s Wife, currently a Shudder exclusive, is a fascinating film filled with intriguing mystery, brooding music, inspired cinematography, and a sinister blend of gore and suspense. Read on for my review of this captivating horror movie.

I first read about Jakob’s Wife in Fangoria, a few months back, when it graced the cover of the newsstand edition of the magazine. I was already familiar with Barbara Crampton, having seen her in Re-Animator and Castle Freak — two Stuart Gordon classics; one from the 1980s (Re-Animator) and the other from the 1990s (Castle Freak). In Jakob’s Wife, Crampton find herself in a leading role that she really sinks her teeth into. Considering she’s a vampire in this movie, that’s pretty deep.

Larry Fessenden, a celebrated actor I hadn’t seen in a movie until now, is perfect in his role as Pastor Jakob Fedder. At the heart of this movie is the riveting decay of a marriage. Crampton and Fessenden’s formidable acting prowess and undeniable chemistry breathe life into this terrifying tale about a marital union on the brink.

Barbara Crampton fully inhabits her role, exuding charm, confidence, and an emulsion of emotions both in plain view and boiling beneath the surface. A woman spiraling out of control, losing herself, and those around her, at a spellbinding pace. Jakob’s Wife is a startling exploration of carnal pleasures, sexual and vampiric, alongside a delicious dose of dark humor.

Overflowing with a boatload of blood befitting an Evil Dead movie, Jakob’s Wife raises questions about individuality, female empowerment, and the roles we play in romantic relationships.

Halfway through, it takes an unexpected turn that had me wondering where the story was headed. Yet, it continued to surprise and delight with its ever-present duality of absurdity and reality. Jakob’s Wife is a wild ride unlike anything I’ve ever seen or experienced.

One of the wonderful surprises in Jakob’s Wife was CM Punk. Yes, that CM Punk. Having just seen him at a live AEW event and in my new favorite TV show, Heels, I was ecstatic to see him play the role of Deputy Colton in this horror flick. While he didn’t have many lines, he made the most of every word, delivering a memorable performance that makes me want to see Punk explore his acting ability even more.

I thoroughly enjoyed Jakob’s Wife. I went in not knowing much, and I left exhilarated and satisfied with what I had witnessed. It’s one of the most interesting takes on a vampire film I’ve ever seen. In this era of endless entertainment options, it’s refreshing to find something as unique as Jakob’s Wife. If you love horror and you have an open mind, I implore you to watch it.

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