All Our Hearts Are Ghosts and Other Stories by Peter Atkins


Just in time for Halloween, Encyclopocalypse Publications brings us All Our Hearts Are Ghosts and Other Stories by Peter Atkins. If that name sounds familiar, it is because I interviewed Peter Atkins about his incredible career. During that interview he mentioned this glorious book, which is now upon us. Below is my interview with Peter, as well as more information about his new book, which you can buy on Amazon. I did, and I recommend you do so too. Enjoy!

Publisher’s Summary

From award-nominated and critically-acclaimed author Peter Atkins, screenwriter of Hellraiser II-IV and Wishmaster, comes a new collection of exquisitely rendered nightmares.

What is that unearthly howling coming from a small suburban house in Liverpool? Why would a headless corpse in a Manhattan penthouse be sitting so calmly with its legs crossed? What is it about that unusual trinket bought at an estate sale that has an agent of a covert government department so interested?

The answers to these and many other unsettling questions await you within the pages of the extraordinary All Our Hearts Are Ghosts

“The writing is contemporary and hip, yet beautifully lyrical.” – Simon Marshall-Jones, This Is Horror

“The excellent–and enviably original–Peter Atkins.” – Ramsey Campbell

“An uncanny ability to mix unflinching violence with poetic melancholy.” – John Palisano, President of the Horror Writers Association

“One of the best writers of horror and dark fantasy to come along inthe last twenty years … a great stylist with a truly original voice.” – Ian Hunter, The British Fantasy Society Book Review

“Charming, sly, and seriously scary” – Glen Hirshberg

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