How are you brave?

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Today, ask yourself, “How am I brave?” What is it you do consistently that makes you brave? Read on for how I am brave, and let me know how you’re brave too.

Because of movies and TV shows, many of us think of bravery as over-the-top acts of courage, such as slaying a dragon, taking a bullet for another human being, or jumping out of an airplane without a parachute. But being brave doesn’t require exaggerated gestures to impress others. We can be brave in ways that only we know.

Bravery can be as simple as embracing self-discipline. It’s brave to condition yourself to be responsible for walking your dog in lousy weather, staying up late with your baby when they can’t sleep, or getting on the scale once a week to check your weight. All these are acts of bravery because they require you to stick to your commitments and put something else above your immediate gratification. Putting off walking the dog, letting the baby scream, and avoiding the scale is easy. Being brave is addressing these challenges head-on.

So, how am I brave? I learned many years ago not to fear rejection. I’ve always said, “I’d rather face rejection than regret.” One place where I applied this approach was at the grocery store, where I worked as a cashier. I went to work every day looking and smelling good because I never knew who I might meet. I made it a point to speak with almost every customer because opportunity could be around any corner, whether a date or an internship. Because I didn’t care about being rejected, I got many dates and secured numerous career advancement opportunities, including my first internship. These things didn’t happen because I’m special; they happened because I wasn’t afraid to be brave.

Today is a new day in the new year. Ask yourself, “How can I be brave?” Better yet, ask yourself, “How am I brave?” and pat yourself on the back for what you’ve already accomplished. Try to act braver with each new day, and you’ll achieve even more.

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