How do you define success?

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How do you define success? For each person, the answer to this question is different. Money, power, influence, and possessions are all ways that people measure success. But how do you define success? Read on for my thoughts on this question.

I define success with one word: freedom. The freedom to choose what you do with your day is the true definition of success. Success isn’t defined by the amount of money a person has if that money doesn’t provide more freedom. If that money means the person is busy at all hours of the day with a job that robs them of their time, then they are unsuccessful.

Studies have shown that people experience emotional well-being when they make $75,000 a year, and their life satisfaction peaks with a salary of $95,000. Money provides us with a certain amount of happiness for one reason: it gives us freedom. Through money, we can have a roof over our heads in a neighborhood of our choosing, feed ourselves and our families, and afford life’s necessities. But beyond that $95,000 a year point, happiness does not improve purely based on money.

Many of us reach an age where we realize that freedom of time is paramount. It is not enough for people to look at your resume and say that you are successful; you need to feel successful. For me, feeling successful is all about choosing how I spend my time each day rather than someone else dictating how I should spend my time. How about you? How do you define success? Whatever your definition is, I hope you get to live it.

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