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Today, I spoke to two classes at Drexel University, where I will teach Event Planning this spring. Read on for more information about today and my upcoming course.

Rosemary Rys, an outstanding professor who taught me at Temple University, asked me to speak to two of her classes today. The first class was Principles of Communication, and the other was Event Planning.

This spring, I start teaching at Drexel University for the first time, and my first class is Event Planning. This course provides students with the theoretical and practical fundamentals in understanding the complexities of producing special events across all major industries, including addressing all elements of the communication process. Rosemary thought it would be a good idea for me to speak to her Event Planning students today in preparation for teaching the course.

Both classes today were delightful, with students asking intelligent, insightful questions. They shared with me information about their diverse majors, including entrepreneurship, nursing, and music, to name a few. I was very impressed with the projects they are working on and the careers they are pursuing.

I look forward to teaching at Drexel University in the spring, and I appreciate Rosemary asking me to speak to her students today. College is a beautiful experience for those lucky enough to experience it, and I’m excited to return to the classroom this April.

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