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With ManilowTV, you can experience an exciting treasure trove of Barry Manilow concerts, one-time-only benefits, award evenings, private shows, rehearsals, and many more. Below is a letter from Barry about what’s new this month on ManilowTV. Enjoy!

MANILOW – Pittsburgh, PA – April 19, 2013

Hi Everyone,

This show brings back loads of memories for me.

After doing 26 shows in New York at the St. James Theater in 2013 we took the show on the road as “direct from Broadway” for 6 months until we stopped in Atlanta and opened “Harmony” there.

The highlight of the show for me was singing “Every Single Day” from “Harmony”.

I was always nervous that the song wouldn’t go over as well as the hits, but it stopped the show every night.

Then, every night in Atlanta, Shane Kennon also stopped the show with the song.

And yet it took ten more years to finally bring “Harmony” into New York.

Ah, show business!


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