Uplifting Women’s Football: A Promising Start in FIFA 23


As we journey towards the end of the line for EA’s FIFA series, with EA Sports FC set to carry the baton in the coming years, one might imagine a final game filled with fireworks and an avalanche of new content. Indeed, FIFA 23 on Xbox Series X isn’t the grand spectacle that some might have expected, but it does represent a firm step forward, building steadily upon the legacy of its predecessors.

Evolutionary Leap: Consistent Enhancements with FIFA 23

Let’s clear the air first: FIFA 23 stands proudly as an upgrade over the last year’s version. Gone are the days when a new FIFA game had equal chances of outdoing its predecessor or falling short. Over the past three years, EA Sports has embraced a model of evolution over revolution, and FIFA 23 exemplifies this, subtly improving upon existing foundations.

From the more balanced goalkeepers to the enhanced defensive mechanisms, FIFA 23 refines elements that fans loved in FIFA 22, maintaining the essence of the game while injecting a fresh, nuanced feel. The HyperMotion technology once again elevates the gameplay realism, albeit subtly.

Uplifting Women’s Football: A Promising Start

One commendable advancement is the use of HyperMotion2 technology for women’s football. Marking a significant step in EA Sports’ overdue revitalization of women’s football in FIFA, FIFA 23 introduces women’s leagues for the first time. While it starts with the English WSL and French D1, there’s a promising prospect of more leagues to be added, signaling a bright future for women’s football in the game.

Further Tweaks and Adjustments: Enhancing the Game Modes

Yes, it’s true that modes like VOLTA and Pro Clubs retain the familiarity of FIFA 22. However, enhancements such as shared progression and select cosmetics across these modes give a fresh spin to the gaming experience. Additions in Player Career mechanics, while not revolutionizing the gameplay, present new layers of engagement, allowing players to navigate through a more immersive landscape.

Manager Career, albeit retaining much of its predecessor’s structure, welcomes a UI overhaul that brings it closer to other modes like Ultimate Team. Long-time Career Mode players will find comfort in the familiar while taking note of small but impactful additions like the Playable Highlights.

The Game Changer: FIFA Ultimate Team’s Massive Rework

Perhaps the most impressive alteration comes in the form of FIFA Ultimate Team’s radical reworking of player chemistry. The newly introduced flexibility in managing player positioning introduces an engaging strategic element to team building, ensuring that the thrill of the game remains as captivating as ever.

On-Pitch Excellence: Retaining Core Gameplay Strengths

The one constant that stands true is the solid gameplay. FIFA 23 retains the fluidity of its predecessor while introducing welcome tweaks such as the triumphant return of the midfield and the addition of Power Shots, making it an absolute joy to play.

The Final Verdict: A Farewell to FIFA With a Welcoming Nod to the Future

As we bid farewell to the long-running FIFA series, we do so with a grateful nod toward its subtle enhancements. FIFA 23 represents a mature approach, refining the formula rather than trying to reinvent it entirely. This might not be a grand exit, but it’s an honorable one, laying a solid foundation for EA Sports FC.

Is FIFA 23 worth the purchase? That’s a decision only you can make. However, if you skipped FIFA 22, this is undoubtedly the best FIFA experience you can get now. For those who have been faithfully playing FIFA 22 for the past year, the changes might seem minor, but sometimes, it’s the subtle improvements that make a world of difference.

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