Talk To Me: Authentic Horror That Defies Modern Trends


In a world where many horror films are labeled as throwbacks, Talk To Me, directed by the Philippou brothers, Danny and Michael, truly lives up to this moniker. The film contrasts sharply with the modern trend of fleeting scares, offering its audience a profound, lingering sense of horror.

Nostalgia Meets Modernity

Talk To Me harks back to an era where horror wasn’t just a passing moment of adrenaline but a haunting experience that stays with the viewer. It refuses to compromise, following a tense narrative trajectory and opting for traditional practical effects over CGI. It isn’t designed for those seeking a mere fleeting thrill but for those ready to be deeply unsettled.

Captivating Plot Set In Adelaide

Based in the filmmakers’ hometown of Adelaide, Australia, the movie introduces us to a riveting prologue at a house party, leading to an unexpected bloody climax. As the story unfolds, we meet Mia (Sophie Wilde) grappling with the trauma of her mother’s suicide two years prior. She finds solace with her best friend Jade’s (Alexandra Jensen) family, treating Jade’s younger brother, Riley (Joe Bird), as her kin. However, when Mia stumbles upon an embalmed hand at a party believed to bridge the living with the dead, her desire for closure spirals into chaos.

Traditional Effects Enhance the Ambience

Despite a limited budget, the directors’ decision to use classic special effects amplifies the movie’s foreboding mood. This isn’t a blend of horror and comedy; it’s a solemn ode to the genuine horror genre, with scenes that linger long after the credits roll.

Standout Performances

The film’s heart is its young and talented cast, especially Sophie Wilde and Joe Bird, both making their feature film debut. Wilde convincingly conveys her character’s desperation and subsequent horror, while Bird delivers a chilling performance reminiscent of Linda Blair’s iconic act in The Exorcist.

Unique Take on Familiar Themes

While grounded in classic possession tropes, Talk To Me brings a fresh perspective. The film artfully interweaves objective reality with Mia’s perceptions, often tainted by demonic visions, challenging viewers to discern between reality and illusion. The ambiguity surrounding Mia’s mother’s apparition adds layers to the narrative, respecting the audience’s intelligence without spoon-feeding explanations.

The Final Verdict

Talk To Me offers a refreshing departure from the conventional horror movies that have saturated theaters recently. The Philippou brothers have masterfully crafted a film that might not only stand as a testament to genuine horror but could also pave the way for more of their haunting tales in the future.

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