While Half the World is Sleeping — A Brief Yet Complex Journey


Gabriel Anthony Lopez’s novella, While Half the World is Sleeping, embarks on an around-the-world journey led by Paris Pharrell and a group of friends marred by corporate machinations to control Earth’s conflicts. In this brief yet thought-provoking 44-page tale, the brevity of the narrative serves as both a strength and a limitation, delivering a story filled with some depth and emotion.

The Positives

  • Evocative Prose
    Lopez’s writing is an intricate mosaic of words, painting vivid landscapes as Paris and his friends grapple with corporate sabotage and corruption on their worldwide adventure. Each sentence is meticulously crafted, immersing readers in a dreamscape that is both captivating and somewhat overwrought.
  • Thought-Provoking Themes
    In the limited space of the novella, Lopez attempts to delve into profound themes of love, loss, and the moral dilemmas Paris faces. While the narrative hints at these complexities, it often falls short of fully exploring them, leaving readers with lingering questions.
  • Emotional Resonance
    The characters within While Half the World is Sleeping, though earnestly portrayed, may not resonate as deeply with all readers. Lopez’s attempt to evoke empathy for his characters occasionally comes across as forced, underscoring the limitations of the novella’s brevity.

The Negatives

  • Brevity Hinders Complexity
    The novella’s concise nature, while charming for some, hampers its potential complexity. Readers seeking deeper exploration of secondary characters and subplots may find themselves wanting, given the ambitious themes introduced.
  • Ambiguous Ending
    The novella’s enigmatic ending, meant to add an air of mystery, can be more frustrating than satisfying for some. It leaves numerous questions unanswered, feeling like an unresolved plot thread rather than a deliberate narrative choice.

The Final Verdict

Gabriel Anthony Lopez’s While Half the World is Sleeping is a somewhat polarizing work of fiction, driven by Paris Pharrell’s quest for answers in a world controlled by corporations and war machinery. Its brevity, while appealing to those who favor concise narratives, hinders the full exploration of its ambitious themes. The book’s prose and elements of emotional depth are strengths, but the uneven execution of its themes and an unresolved ending may leave some readers feeling less than fulfilled. It remains a reading option for those interested in compact storytelling, albeit with its share of mixed complexity.

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