Navigating the Stunning Hawaiian Setting in The Crew Motorfest


Ubisoft and developer Ivory Tower have unleashed a racing masterpiece in the form of The Crew Motorfest. This open-world racing game bears a striking resemblance to Forza Horizon, but it doesn’t shy away from celebrating its similarities. In this review, we’ll take you through the thrilling ride that Motorfest offers, from its Hawaiian paradise setting to the exhilarating array of racing disciplines and unique features.

Exploring Motorfest’s Racing Diversity

Diving into Motorfest, you’re introduced to a world of racing diversity. The game’s expansive Hawaiian island is the backdrop for various racing disciplines. Whether you’re customizing Japanese modding legends’ cars, drifting through corners, participating in vintage car events, or leisurely sightseeing, Motorfest has it all.

Navigating the Hawaiian Paradise

The relatively modest size of Motorfest’s Hawaiian setting proves to be a blessing. As you progress through the game, you’ll find yourself recognizing familiar landmarks, enjoying the scenery, and tackling each Playlist in your preferred order. The freedom to explore in Freedrive mode adds another layer of excitement with its scattered ‘Feats’ and the ability to seamlessly switch between cars, planes, and boats using the ‘Fast Fav’ feature.

A Familiar Yet Enhanced Experience

Ivory Tower has not only retained what worked in The Crew 2 but also built upon it. The result is a game that exudes confidence and focuses solely on delivering pure fun. Despite the occasional annoyance of Forza Horizon-style characters, the game offers an abundance of thrilling open-world racing experiences and an impressive variety of events.

Soundtrack and Chatter

Motorfest’s diverse soundtrack is a standout feature, though sometimes overshadowed by incessant chatter during races. While this chatter can be distracting, you can adjust or mute the voices, potentially missing out on exciting tidbits.

Unbridled Freedom and Variety

Motorfest offers unbridled freedom, allowing you to switch between different vehicle types seamlessly. The Activities menu streamlines event selection and the in-game currency system lets you access the required vehicles, ensuring you’re never short of exciting options.

CARA, Your AI Guide

Similar to Forza Horizon, CARA serves as your guide across the island, making navigation a breeze. Each Playlist brings new challenges and collectibles, ensuring that every action you take contributes to your progress and rewards.

Accessible Racing and Exotic Exploration

The game’s accessible handling makes drifting and power sliding a delight, enhancing your exploration of the stunning Hawaiian setting. With its bright and breezy location and diverse events, The Crew Motorfest takes the series to new heights.

PvP and Additional Events

When you’re not racing, Motorfest offers engaging PvP Demolition Royale events and a Car Meet with custom vehicle showcases. Grand Races add variety by switching between three different vehicles mid-race.

The Final Verdict

In The Crew Motorfest, Ivory Tower and Ubisoft have crafted a masterpiece of an open-world racer. With over 600 vehicles to collect, a beautifully detailed Hawaiian expanse, and many unique features, it pays homage to Forza Horizon and carves out its own identity. This game is a thrilling fusion of racing and freedom, offering something for every racing enthusiast. Whether you’re smashing through barriers, engaging in demolition derbies, or customizing your dream vehicle, Motorfest delivers unbridled excitement at every turn. It’s a must-play for fans of the genre.

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