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DDP Yoga

Michael with the founder of DDP Yoga, Diamond Dallas Page.

Michael is a DDP Yoga instructor in training. Once certified, he will teach DDP Yoga in South Philadelphia. Michael has been doing DDP Yoga for nearly 15 years, and he has logged hundreds of hours in the program. Diamond Dallas Page, the former world champion professional wrestler who developed DDP Yoga, taught Michael how to do the program in person. Michael also took part in seven classes over the course of five days at the DDP Yoga Performance Center in Smyrna, Georgia. Check out the video below to see Michael teaching DDP Yoga.

What is DDP Yoga?

DDP Yoga, also known as DDPY, combines the best of yoga, old-school calisthenics, sports rehabilitation therapy, and dynamic resistance to create one of the most effective fitness plans in existence today. It allows anyone to:

  • Get a high-cardio workout
  • Increase flexibility
  • Strengthen core muscles
  • Experience almost no joint impact

The main benefits of DDP Yoga are body fat loss, lean muscle growth, and improved cardiovascular performance, without placing undue stress on the joints. DDP Yoga is currently used by the NFL Alumni Association, professional wrestlers, MMA fighters, and regular, everyday people who want to perform at optimum levels and place themselves in the best position possible to improve their quality of life.

Arthur Boorman’s incredible transformation story (above) proves that not only can almost anyone do DDP Yoga, but that hard work and persistence can lead to incredible results.

Limited Mobility? No Problem!

If you have limited mobility, there are a series of DDP Yoga workouts that can be done in a chair or using a chair for support to help you build strength, increase flexibility, decrease pain, and turn back the hands of time.

Through stretches and body-weight movements, you’ll start to break up scar tissue, get moving again, and accomplish your health and fitness goals.

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