Dennis DeYoung: The Music Of Styx


Last night, I saw the incomparable Dennis DeYoung at the Scottish Rite Theatre in Collingswood, N.J. For those that are unaware, DeYoung is famous for having been the lead singer of the classic rock band Styx for many years. During that time, the band sold millions of albums and charted hit after hit, including: “Lady,” “Babe,” “Come Sail Away,” “The Best of Times,” and “Mr. Roboto.” For two hours, DeYoung performed all of these songs and more, and the crowd ate it up.

At 65, his voice is as powerful as ever and DeYoung still knows how to work a crowd. Two of the best performances were “Show Me the Way” and “Suite Madam Blue.” Below are two videos showing his rendition of these songs, earlier this year, in Chicago. If Dennis DeYoung comes to your area, I highly recommend you go; you won’t be disappointed.

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