Music Review: Blue Sky Riders – Finally Home

Finally HomeOver the past 40 years, Kenny Loggins has sold millions of albums, charted numerous hits and won two Grammy awards. He first achieved success as one half of Loggins and Messina, and then went on to greater heights as a solo act with chart-topping songs like “Footloose,” “I’m Alright” and “Danger Zone.” Now that he’s 65, one would think he’d be slowing down, but that’s not the case. Instead, Loggins has started a new band, the Blue Sky Riders, and their first album, Finally Home, drops tomorrow.

I listened to this album today, from start to finish, and it’s very good. It’s an amalgam of rock and country music, and it’s filled with infectious melodies. It’s comprised of a well-balanced mix of upbeat, mid-tempo and slow songs, and all of them feature excellent musicianship. Moreover, all three members of the group are given the opportunity to shine. The music is layered with beautiful harmonies and soulful vocals that will make you want to sing along.

Kenny Loggins career has been like a three-act play; each act has had different tone. The first two acts were excellent, and based on the music being produced by the Blue Sky Riders, it’s safe to say his third act is going to be a memorable one. I highly recommend you check out Finally Home. It’s a terrific debut album by a band with an extremely bright future.

Below is the official video for one of the best songs on the album: “Dream.”

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