Audiobook Review: Three Jack Reacher Novellas

Three Jack Reacher Novellas by Lee Child_cover

Those who know me well are aware of my love for audiobooks. Like a lot of people, I lead a busy life and being able to listen to a book, as opposed to having to sit down and read it, means I can read a whole lot more. And it means that I can make mundane activities – brushing my teeth, walking to work, getting dressed – more enjoyable and productive. Therefore, the majority of the books I’m going to read this year will be audiobooks.

Speaking of audiobooks, I recently finished Three Jack Reacher Novellas by Lee Child. This collection includes three Jack Reacher short stories: Deep DownSecond Son and High Heat. You can read my review of these three books here. What makes this collection a better value than buying the short stories individually, is that it includes a bonus audiobook you won’t get anywhere else: Jack Reacher’s Rules.

I previously read Jack Reacher’s Rules as an e-book and found it to be mildly entertaining. However, the audiobook version, read by the always-excellent Dick Hill, made it significantly more enjoyable. Speaking of Hill, his narration of all of these stories is superb. To me, he is and always will be the voice of Jack Reacher.

If you’re a Jack Reacher fan, buying this collection is a no-brainer. It’s reasonably priced and you get hours of entertainment. If you already own the three novellas and have some extra cash to spend, I think the bonus content is worth paying for. However, if you’re new to Lee Child or the Jack Reacher series, you should start with the first novel, Killing Floor. It’s the best way to be properly introduced to this action-packed series of thrillers.

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  1. I am an avid Jack Reacher fan having started with the Amazon Audible on his first book – Killing Floor. However as I am listening to his Echo Burning being number 5. and I am totally confused by all the different voices as well as the enormous volume difference from a girl’s voice compared to Reacher’s. I wonder why Reacher cannot have the same Narrator ..What do other folk think re this. Cheers, Ian Dominic Hall-W

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