The Babys Are Back with I’ll Have Some of That!


The Babys – the popular ’70s and ’80s rock band that topped the charts with hits like “Every Time I Think of You,” “Back On My Feet Again” and “Isn’t It Time” – are back. The band is releasing its first studio album since 1980’s On The Edge. However, there’s been a change in personnel since the last time we heard from this iconic band. John Waite, Jonathan Cain and Ricky Phillips are not part of the current lineup, and neither is founding member Michael Corby. Waite is enjoying his solo career, Cain is selling out arenas with Journey, Ricky Phillips is rocking out as the bass player for Styx, and Michael Corby hasn’t done anything of note since being fired from the band in 1978.

The current lineup of The Babys includes original drummer, Tony Brock, and original guitarist, Wally Stocker. They’re joined by John Bisaha on lead vocals and bass, and guitarist Joe Sykes. This formidable group released its first new single entitled “Not Ready to Say Goodbye” in November 2013 and it’s a killer track that has that classic Babys’ sound.

On the heels of their new single, The Babys are back with a full studio album of original material: I’ll Have Some of That! Being a big John Waite fan, I wasn’t sure what my thoughts would be on this album but I went into it with an open mind. I’m glad I did because it’s a terrific collection of rock songs and ballads that will please fans of The Babys, as well as those who love great melodic rock. John Bisaha’s vocals are impressive, the guitar work is solid and the drumming is lively.

My only complaint is the album could sound much better. I’m not sure who mixed I’ll Have Some of That! but some of the harmonies and arrangements sound thin and a few tracks are marred by a periodic static noise that’s very noticeable when listening to the album with headphones. It’s a shame because the music is so good that it would have benefited from a richer, more crisp production.

Audio quality issues aside, I’ll Have Some of That! is a terrific album that’s all killer and no filler. Some of my favorite songs include “All I Wanna Do,” “I See You There” and “Grass Is Greener.” If you’re looking for that perfect summer album, I highly recommend you pick up a copy of I’ll Have Some of That! The Babys are back and they mean business.

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