Book Review: Bullseye by James Patterson 

Bullseye is James Patterson’s newest thriller and the latest entry in the Michael Bennett series. Unfortunately, it’s not very good. It takes several chapters for the protagonist to show up, which is never a good sign as that only delays my being introduced to the character to which I’m supposed to relate. And the premise isn’t all that compelling. It failed to pull me in and keep my attention like Patterson’s far superior thriller, The Games, which was also recently released. Every once in a while a good author releases a boring book. For James Patterson, Bullseye is it.

3 thoughts on “Book Review: Bullseye by James Patterson 

  1. Could it be that Patterson probably hasn’t written a book in a while. Seems most of his books are co-writes. I lost interest in him as it seemed he was putting his name on so many books co-written with other authors, it made me wonder if he was just slapping his name on it to sell books.

    • Good question. I just interviewed two authors who currently write with/for Patterson. So, keep your eyes open for that post as it provides more detail regarding Patterson’s involvement in his latest books. It should be up later this week.

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