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Book Review: Damaged by Lisa Scottoline

LisaLisa Scottoline released a terrific book this week entitled Damaged. It’s yet another compelling thriller from one of my favorite writers. What separates Lisa from her peers is that her books feature characters, plots and dialogue that have an unparalleled level of emotional depth. When you’re reading her books you can’t help but feel connected to the characters and the decisions they make. I had this experience when reading Damaged.IMG_7684The protagonist in this book, Mary DiNunzio, is faced with precarious situations, and Lisa Scottoline knows how to put the reader in the shoes of the main character so you feel as if you’re her, having to make difficult choices. Another thing I really enjoy about her books is that I always learn something new. In this book, the focus is on special education and the needs of children with learning disabilities. As always, the writing is strong, there are unexpected but believable twists and, most importantly, a satisfying conclusion. I highly recommend you pick up a copy of Damaged. It’s both entertaining and educational, and a real page-turner from one of the finest authors in the thriller genre.

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