Tommy Shaw’s Sing For The Day!

Tommy Shaw, best known as the lead vocalist and guitarist in STYX, is releasing his solo 2016 concert performance with the Contemporary Youth Orchestra on Blu-ray, CD, and Digital Audio/Video on June 29 via Eagle Rock Entertainment.

Filmed before an enthusiastic audience at the intimate Waetjen Auditorium in Cleveland, Sing For The Day! presents unique versions of such classics as “Blue Collar Man,” “Girls With Guns,” and “Too Much Time On My Hands.” Under the direction of principal conductor and founder Liza Grossman, with accompaniment by guitarist/musical director Will Evankovich, the Cleveland-based Contemporary Youth Orchestra (CYO) blended seamlessly with Shaw to create a one-of-a-kind experience. The songs of STYX, Tommy Shaw and Damn Yankees are infused with the energy of the finest high-school-aged musicians in Ohio, as evidenced by such performances as the epic duel between Shaw’s guitar licks and a prodigious young violinist and CYO alum Lavinia Pavlish on “Renegade.”

Additionally, the set includes a special version of the STYX classic “Crystal Ball” featuring the debut of a lost verse that was never recorded. According to Shaw, “It was so much bigger and more everlasting than any of us imagined it would be.”

In addition to the full 13-song set, the Blu-ray version includes 96K stereo audio of four songs with Tommy Shaw and the CYO not included in the program: “Down That Highway,” “The Great Divide,” “I’ll Be Coming Home,” and “The Night Goes On.”

While watching this concert, I quickly realized just how amazing Tommy Shaw’s voice still is. It’s remarkable how certain singers can maintain their signature sound, and Tommy Shaw is one of them. This unique performance is one that fans of his work, with and without STYX, should check out.

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