Live Long And . . .: What I Learned Along the Way by William Shatner

I love William Shatner. He’s a brilliant actor, incredibly funny and an inspiring person because of the longevity and diversity of his career. He’s never slowed down and along the way he’s embodied iconic roles that millions of people know and love. He’s also written numerous books that are charming, humorous, and insightful, including his newest memoir – Live Long and…: What I Learned Along the Way.

Back in 2012 I met William Shatner, along with Scott Bakula, and it was a wonderful experience as both actors were delightful. And in 2018 my Dad and I saw Bill when he did a live Q&A in Philadelphia, following a screening of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Again, this was a highly enjoyable experience punctuated by Shatner’s undeniable charisma and charm. Over the years, I’ve listened to several of his audiobooks as I enjoy hearing the man himself share stories about his fascinating career. When I heard he had a new memoir coming out, I was instantly intrigued and I recently listened to the entire book.

Live Long and…: What I Learned Along the Way is a funny and, sometimes, serious take on Bill’s journey thus far and life in general. Sure, there’s a bounty of funny tales about all of the ups and downs of his career. However, more importantly, I enjoyed the reflective parts of this book where he pondered the meaning of life and how to live it well. Hearing what Bill is grateful for, what he regrets, and his philosophy on how to get the most out of one’s life was insightful, educational, and inspiring. If you like William Shatner, you must listen to this audiobook. If you don’t, I bet you will after giving this a shot. It’s a story about a man who’s boldly gone where no one has gone before.

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