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Beyond The Mirror Edge: The Observer’s Guide To Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap, one of the greatest TV shows of all time, is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. For five seasons and nearly 100 episodes, this revolutionary show tackled a variety of topics, including important social issues in a unique way. It was humorous, moving, enlightening, and always compelling due, in large part, to the strong dialogue and fantastic acting. Not only were Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell phenomenal in their roles, the supporting cast was equally impressive. If you’re new to Quantum Leap or simply interested in revisiting this iconic series that was ahead of its time, you should read Beyond The Mirror Edge: The Observer’s Guide To Quantum Leap by Matt Dale.

In his book, Matt Dale provides readers with the most comprehensive and definitive retrospective on this series you will find anywhere, even if you’re leaping through time. It covers the origins of the series and provides readers with a season-by-season and episode-by-episode breakdown, including an incredible amount of detail along the way. You’ll get screenshots, artwork, TV shooting schedules, differences in opening credits, notes about music, outfits, and more. Beyond The Mirror Edge: The Observer’s Guide To Quantum Leap also takes an in-depth look at the comics, novels, home video releases, and other merchandise this influential series spawned. You’ll find a detailed timeline for Quantum Leap, as well as an appendices section that covers a myriad of additional topics. As Dr. Sam Beckett would say, “Oh boy!” If you love Quantum Leap, you need this book. It’s available both digitally and physically and is fitting way to pay tribute to this great show on its 30th anniversary.

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