Journey Live In Japan 2017: Escape & Frontiers

Journey has been in existence for nearly 50 years, selling millions of albums and topping charts along the way. This iconic rock band is back with a new release – Live in Japan 2017: Escape & Frontiers – and it’s awesome!

Featuring 26 songs, this release is jam-packed with music. It contains every song from Escape and Frontiers except one. Read my new interview with Journey’s Jonathan Cain to find out which song didn’t make the cut and why.

This set is being offered as a DVD/CD or Blu-ray/CD combo and it is not available digitally. Regardless of which one you buy, you’re in for a long, energetic, and highly enjoyable performance.

What really impressed me was Journey’s newest member: Travis Thibodaux. He’s a studio musician that befriended Jonathan Cain a few years back. Now, as illustrated in this concert, he provides amazing lead vocals on several classic cuts that require a higher range, while simultaneously beefing up the band’s sound with his keyboard playing. It reminds me of how the Eagles now have Vince Gill lending his voice and guitar to the band, providing a new, yet familiar, texture to the music. In both cases, doing so adds a level of variety and freshness to unforgettable music. I highly recommend picking up Live in Japan 2017: Escape & Frontiers because it’s a new take on timeless music that has defined generations.

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