Audible Review: X-Files Cold Cases & Stolen Lives

The X-Files is a pop culture phenomenon that has spanned decades and various mediums, including TV, movies, video games, and audiobooks. Speaking of which, there are two Audible Originals for X-Files fans to enjoy: Cold Cases and Stolen Lives. Both of these books feature David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson reprising their iconic roles. There’s also a full cast and various sound effects to round out the top-notch production, making each audiobook feel like a full-fledged episode of the show.

While I can’t claim to be an ardent fan of The X-Files, I do find it to be entertaining and these audiobooks are a great representation of what fans have come to know and love. If you’re up on all of the ins and outs of the series and the subsequent movies, you’ll probably get more out of these audiobooks than I did because of the apparent fan service contained within. Either way, both Cold Cases and Stolen Lives are solid entries in The X-Files universe.

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